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A Content Management System (CMS) is content editing system which enables you to edit, add, remove, and modify content from a website. Content Management System (CMS) helps in creation and modification of images, links and other graphics elements integrated in your website.  Content Management System enables you to manage your website efficiently. There are number of Content Management System (CMS) available over web which provides services to fulfill your website development requirements. Content Management System allows you to create customized sites easily. There are number of themes and plug-ins available in CMS Development for creating customized and optimized websites. Our skilled dedicated team effort is to create web applications with innovative designs.

CMS Development

Features and Benefits of CMS

  • Content Management
  • SEO Friendly
  • Content Editing, Publishing and Reviewing
  • Impressive themes and Powerful Plug-ins
  • Easy to implement and manage a website
  • Well designed Templates
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Ability to create attractive look and feel
  • Automatic Pagination
  • Custom Email Notification
  • Powerful WYSIWYF Editor
  • Custom HTML and CSS styling
  • Easily creation of links to files or websites
  • Multiple themes and unlimited layout
  • Design Flexibility and Scalability
  • Integrated Database
  • Business Friendly

Some of the CMS Frameworks are:

Word Press

Word press is most used Content Management System on the internet. Word press is free and open source Content Management System integrated with pre-designed template formats and plug-ins architecture. Word press is most popular blogging system based on PHP and MYSQL. Its main advantages are SEO Friendly, open source, Ease of use, customization and theme creation.


Drupal is another open source Content Management System. We can easily add, publish, modify, and edit website contents and other digital content. Drupal is effective and flexible open source web development platform. Global Infotec has a team of skilled CMS developers for providing quality solutions to our clients.


Joomla is easy-to-use open source platform for website development. Joomla frameworks website management tools implements websites with organized web contents, perform customization of websites using themes, pre designed templates and plug-ins. It becomes easy to manage your website and maintenance of web site.