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Global infotec more reliable or it offers the best Hire Web Developers in Chandigarh Mohali.Get most out of your business with offshore staffing services of Global Infotec, a web development and programming company India. Our offshore staffing services are much more cost effective and lets you earn more. You may make the best by hiring offshore staffs from us at pre agreed rate such as web programmers, content management developer, web developers.

You are at liberty to closely administer the work during the term of offshore staffing (minimum six months). Our offshore staffs will work eight hrs for six days a week. Make the best with the best.

Advantages of Offshore Staffing

  • Years of expertise in on site and off site offshore staffing services
  • Outstanding infrastructure
  • Rich pool of manpower
  • Selective team of industries best
  • Administering liberty to the partners at the tenure of offshore staffing service

Route of Offshore Staffing

  • Hire offshore staffs for a term of six months. Consign a purchase order with advance payment in full for one month. This payment is adjusted with the invoice of the final month of the staffing contract term
  • The working hours of the offshore staffs is eight hours for six days which comes up to 192 hours a month
  • The offshore staff work from our center and are in our payroll
  • Direct communication through email, chat between the staff and the partners
  • Previous month’s invoice is sent between 2nd-5th of every month. Payment is to be made through Pay Pal or bank transfer within 7 days of receiving the invoice.
  • The staff works for 24 days in a month. Invoice is reduced proportionately if the number of days worked in a month is less than 24. However, On the contrary, the invoice is not increased if the offshore staff works more than 24 days a month. The offshore staffing contract can be renewed at the time of expiration of the previous contract.
  • Before the expiration of the contact you may renew it.