Web Scripting

web site scripting used for integrating to various web pages and Dynamic concept of HTML.
it is the communication medium between web server and web browser happens through small
programs known as web scripts.

Various tasks are executed by web server are interpreted through the web scripts written in web scripting language .

literraly recovering data from the web site or providing data into a web site through communication of client and web server . client or server speak or we can say communicate
with each other through the scripting language.
Client Side Scripting 

client side scripting is interaction with the various web pages.the code is required
for processing after that user input is downloaded and compiled by browser.
Client Side Scripting languages include JavaScript

Server Side Scripting
The communication between server and web page through Common Gateway Platform.
with server side scripting sending the information to another server(pc) across the internetby completing an activity. The server runs the program and returns the results,typically
a web page. Search engines use Server Side Scripting.